6 Tips to Care for Hair Extensions


The investment of quality hair extensions has big pay offs and can be life changing.  Seamlessly blended hair extensions that look real and have movement, propel your self confidence, make your hair the envy of others and turn heads.  Almost all the beautiful hair you see in fashion magazines and celebrities is attributed to at least some degree of assistance from hair extensions.  As transformational as they are, there are 6 tips that are recommended in order to best maintain them.


1.  Brush Properly

Make sure to brush through your hair two to three times per day in order to prevent tangling.  The two most important times of day to brush your hair is upon starting your day and going to bed.  A common misconception that leads to clumps of hair matting up is due to excessive caution and gentle brushing of the hair extensions for fear of damaging your own hair.  While you do want to be conscientious and take great care of your hair, it's crucial to brush through your hair at the scalp, in order separate any hair that begins to tangle.  Just as flossing your teeth, think of it as significant as flossing your hair.  Use a hair extension loop brush, which is specifically designed for safely brushing through the roots of your hair.  

To prevent unnecessary tension on your real hair, start by holding your hair extension hair at mid-length and gently brush from the length up.  As you approach your scalp, expose the bonds or tubes with same hand that was initially securing your hair extensions hair and gently brush against your scalp, so the bristles and loops can separate any hair that's beginning to tangle.

2.  Tangle Free

We all know getting ready in the morning is a time consuming rush to get out the door, so anything to give you a head start is appealing, especially with the addition of more hair requires extra drying time.   Washing your hair at night is a great way to save time in the morning, however, make sure to completely dry it before heading beneath the sheets.  For one, the extra weight of wet hair can lead to tangling and breakage.  Also, keep bonded and tube extensions tangle free by loosely braiding them prior to heading to bed and you'll wake with beautiful, naturally wavy hair.


3.  Use The Right Hair Care Products

Don't skimp on low quality hair care products that can literally transform good hair extension hair into a dry, frazzled mess.  Hair extensions have a natural inclination to dryness, since they don't receive the benefits from the natural oils from our scalp to moisturize them.  Milbon Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Treatment and Luminous Bodifying Oil detangles and smooths, while improving overall texture, leaving hair feeling silky, smooth and soft. Stay away from products loaded with alcohol, which lifts moisture from the hair, leaving them with a frizzy or straw-like texture.

4.  Start in the Shower

Upon having your hair extensions applied, hold off washing them for 48 hours.  If you have bonded hair extension this will allow the bonds to properly adhere.  Gently massage your scalp and roots to loosen and remove any debris. 

If you have the i-tip tube human hair extensions, wait a couple days to wash in order to allow the hair to  grow slightly, so it has some breathing room and puts less tension on your hair.

Use sulfate and silicone-free shampoos and after rinsing gently squeeze out the excess water, before applying a quality conditioner from mid-length's to the ends.  Take special precaution, not to allow the conditioner to get on the keratin bonds or i-tip hair extension tubes. Never wring the hair. Friction will raise the cuticle and make your hair more susceptible to damage. Pro tip: Find a great microfiber towel since it will reduce friction.


5.  Hydrate

Styling products and heat tools can create gorgeous blowouts, but they can also wear down your hair.  To counter this, deep condition every week, such as Milbon Smooth Professional Treatment, so hair stays hydrated, shiny and healthy looking.  Apply the deep conditioning hair masque treatment from mid-length to ends on freshly washed hair that's been gently rung out and towel dried, so the treatment is concentrated, rather than diluted from excess water.  Make sure to never to speed dry your hair by roughing it dry with a towel, which terrible for your hair, as well as the hair extension. If you have a gym membership that has a steam room, make use of it and you'll receive the absolute best benefits above all other methods.  Regular monthly deep conditioning treatments can offer benefits that extend beyond helping to alleviate dryness.