Enhance Your Beauty With Highlights


Highlights have the potential to work wonders to enhance your look. From youthful, summery and sun-kissed to bold and dramatic, highlights are amazing because they have the ability to enhance not just your hair, but also the appearance of your face and overall look. Whether you’re getting them for the first time or have gotten them so many times that you can’t remember, here’s what you need to know about getting the most out of highlights.

Benefits of Highlights

Highlights can give you a beauty boost that can transform boring color into enticing brilliant hues of dimension, depth and beauty to your locks. They can bring out the pigment in your eyes and slim your face, while accentuating your cheek bones. They can help layers stand out, while creating the look of fullness and draw the eye to their brilliance.

Balayage Highlights

Balayage Highlights

What You Should Know About Highlights

Even if you’ve had highlights many times, it’s possible not to know all about them. That’s because there are different techniques and general guidelines for achieving the most flattering hue for your complexion.

Color: When you want a natural look that enhances your complexion, the key is to choose a color that’s two to three levels lighter than your base color and within the same tonal group of your hair color.

Choose colors that work with your skin tone:

  • If you have greenish veins or gold speckles in your eyes, your a warm skin tone, so lean towards cool tones, such as sandy or beige blonde.

  • If you have blue veins, with an olive skin tone and silver-grey speckles in your eyes, then opt for golden-blonde tones, such as, creamy, strawberry or honey blonde, which will neutralize any green in your skin by bringing warmth to your face.

  • If you have pink in your skin, avoid warm colors, so as to not flush out your face in the same way as wearing a red top typically would.

  • Those with neutral skin tones have the most flexibility to choose between warm or cool highlights

Foil Highlights

Foil Highlights

Techniques: The two main techniques for applying highlights are balayage or with foils.

  • Balayage is a freehand style that involves painting directly onto the hair for a melted, grown out look that’s further from the scalp. Since the painted on lightener processes “open air”, as opposed to inside a heat contained foil, it processes significantly slower, which typically requires extended appointment times and sessions to achieve your desired goal, particularly if your hair is dark and especially if it’s been colored dark previously.

  • Foil highlighting involves painting color or lightener directly onto a foil. Foil provides a more seamless, balanced look starting from the scalp. Foils create an ideal environment for lightener to process effectively, so it’s easier to achieve a brighter blonde in less time and visits.

Tips: For youthful, sun-kissed, natural-looks, have strategically placed finely painted highlights applied around the face and then less towards the back of the head to allow enough space between them to offer depth and contrast. Also, sometimes low lights, which are darker are needed to add depth or bring back the contrast from over highlighting.