Haircuts to Avoid at All Costs


Haircuts can walk a fine line from fashionable to frumpy. They can dramatically improve your appearance and confidence, yet a bad one or a style that doesn't fit your face and hair can throw you off track.

Finding the right stylist makes a huge difference, but it also helps to pick a good haircut. Part of the process is staying away from the haircuts that simply aren’t flattering. Let's take a look at some haircuts that don’t seem to work for anyone, meaning that they most likely won't work for you.


Avoid: The Done-Wrong Lob

The lob is a long bob by definition, but some people make it too long. The lob can look chic and stylish but is often done wrong. This is a medium-length cut that falls around the shoulders. The problem is that it can hang limp and lifeless if it falls to the wrong length.

Also, women often try to change their lobs by adding layers or angles to frame the face. This tends to be a mistake because it can look over-layered or unflattering. A good lob you see on celebrities doesn’t have too many layers and falls close to the shoulders in the front rather than being cut shorter to frame the face.

Ultimately, the problem is that many women try to achieve a short and long style at the same time instead of going for a medium length. Instead, it's best to decide on the length you truly want and stick to it.

Avoid: Overly Long Hair


It’s easy to want incredibly long hair when you see it looking lovely on models in magazines. But in real life, it usually doesn’t go over well on a daily basis. Very long hair is especially aging and unflattering when you wear it straight across at one length. If you think it might help to add straight-across bangs to super long one-length hair, it only makes the look worse. Improve the look of long hair by adding long layers.

Long face shapes look even longer with very long hair. This group tends to do better with shorter cuts.


Avoid: The “V” Shape

This is the long cut that is cut shorter in the front and tapers into longer hair in the back, creating a “V” shape. This cut may have ended up being pretty common, but it leads to the look of a tail in the back, which isn’t flattering. You’re better off cutting your hair shorter and closer to one length to remove the tail.

Avoid: Bangs on a Wide Face

Bangs can look good on a lot of people, as long as you follow your stylist’s recommendations on the best bangs for your face. The exception is people with a wide face, who should steer clear of bangs. This face shape is widened by bangs, whereas soft layers create more balance.

Try These Styles Instead

So we know which styles are generally not the best choices. Now, what looks should you try? Consider one of these styles that tend to flatter:


Try: Soft Layers

Soft, natural-looking layers create an ideal look that flatters pretty much everybody. Your stylist can adjust the layers to fit your hair thickness and other factors. Layering expert Scott Risk, notes that great layers should have flowing movement and effortlessly cascade throughout the hair.  According to Scott Risk, most layered haircuts are severely lacking fluidity and movement, so in order to avoid what he refers to as “Shelf Layers” make sure you find a stylist that knows how to properly cut them.

Try: Asymmetrical Bob

The perfect bob can be difficult to maintain and won’t always fit who you are. If it’s not right for you, consider the asymmetrical bob instead, which is not so straight or perfect. It includes slightly different lengths for a look that is easy and fresh. To achieve this style, ask for a slightly piecey A-line bob, or find a picture of an asymmetrical bob Victoria Beckham has worn for inspiration.

Try: Fit Your Face


Certain haircuts look best with certain face shapes. A blunt cut helps balance a round face. The sharp lines counteract the curves of your face, helping reduce the roundness. Bobs are also good for round faces because the shortness of the cut fits this face shape.

Women with square face shapes do well with long hair, which helps smooth out the shape. On the other hand, those with a petite face and body can get lost in long hair. Shorter is better for this group, and small women are lucky in that they can pull off the pixie cut.



Try: Long Layers for Curly Hair

Length helps to weigh down curly hair so it doesn’t get so big and frizzy. Having long layers adds lightness and movement without the curls getting out of control. If you have tighter curls on the front sides of your head, Ouidad Certified Curly Hair Specialist, Scott Risk in Frisco, Texas recommends having your stylist keeping your slightly longer in the front to ensure that your curls don’t spring up too much, making your hair look disproportionately shorter in the front.


Talk With Your Stylist

Above all, trust in your stylist (after you’ve found the right one, of course). A cut that’s popular or that looks great on a lot of people won’t necessarily be the best fit for you. The way a cut looks is impacted by your face shape and also by a number of other factors, including your hairline, the texture and thickness of your hair, cowlicks and the way you tend to part your hair, and how much maintenance you plan to put into your style. This is a main reason that a stylist will stray from what you asked for. He knows best what will look good on you.


A good stylist knows that the haircut that looks best is the one that considers each person. Even one type of haircut, such as a bob, can be customized to fit different people. To make sure you’re happy with your cut, talk to your stylist about your preferences, explain what you like about certain cuts and discuss your routine. This way, your stylist will know how to make you happy while taking your face shape and other factors into consideration.